No matter what you're hauling - load faster and unload easier with

The Magnet Strap

Magnetic Hook

Stays exactly where you put it - without the help of a friend.

Quick Release

Easy Pull Lanyard™ is greater than bruised knuckles.

Steel O-Ring

Get a grip on non-ferrous trailers or bundle materials for the haul.

Introducing the world's first ratchet strap tie-down with a patented magnetic hook and proprietary quick release ratchet for fast loading and easy unloading. Single-handedly secure cargo and equipment during transport with a hook that stays where you need it. A quick tug on the ratchet lanyard releases the tension upon arrival. No matter the load, get it there the right way with The Magnet Strap.

  • Magnetic Hook in Multiple Styles 
    • ​1 person loading without awkward fumbling around with hooks and the back and forth of keeping it in place while getting the strap in position to secure the cargo

    • Available in S, J, and Flat Hooks from 1 to 4 inches

  • Quick Release Ratchet Lanyard
    • 1 finger release that won't bind

    • No need to remove gloves to get fingers into a tight spot

  • Steel O-Ring
    • Get a grip on non-ferrous trailers​

    • Bundle boards, pipes and other loose cargo securely in place

    • Use multiple rings to create cargo nets to any size

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
    • 2 Carbon steel hooks​

    • Strongest Rare Earth Magnets known to man in the red hook

    • 1 or 2 in. heavy duty nylon straps


Pros' Promise

We are the boots on the ground, the contractors, the journeyman, the craftsman. We are the experts, the pros'. We are the ones that use every tool, everyday, in every situation, who know the difference between good enough and a job well done.

DankArt Enterprises' promise to you is that we will always strive to Build Better Tools. Our teams' goal is to create excellence in innovation for safer, smarter, better and easier to use tools. Let the Pro's work for you. We take pride in our products and we want to provide you with the best way to do your job well.

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